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V Korunách

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Since the land of Rye Island is very fertile, the largest areas have been converted into fields and very few forests and meadows have been preserved. It is no different in the area around the village of Miloslavov. The Viennese Wiener–Welten family once owned the Anna and Alžbeta manors. The heir Rudolph was a great lover of horses and hunting, and around 1900 he had forests planted on the manors and the avenue between the two forests. The remains of this forest are one of two wooded plots in Miloslavov and Alžbetin Dvor. And so, in addition to the street names in the area such as Dubová (Oak), Agátová (Acacia), Buková (Beech), Javorová (Maple), which poetically reference life among the trees, we decided to name the complex of buildings we are creating as part of the project: V Korunách (In the Treetops).
Low mortgage rates are a positive factor in today’s real estate financing, enabling young people to invest in smaller starter homes for a vision of a rosier future, where the biggest advantage in addition to paying a mortgage is the real possibility of further savings. The chance to live on your own plot or live closer to nature are the most pleasant advantages of living in a satellite village near Bratislava. Another advantage of a new build is the not insignificant fact of low running costs. Today, young – emerging communities in the villages are joined by topics such as bike paths, gardens for barbecues with neighbours or walks in the natural environment or to the water. We offer you quiet and comfortable living in the countryside – with the bonus of the better services and the advantages of a big city nearby. We present you the V KORUNÁCH project. All you have to do now is choose; we will take care of the rest.

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