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About Us

About the company

Over our time in the Slovak market, we have created a series of successful construction projects, which have left us with a wealth of experience and a heightened ability to respond professionally and promptly to new client requirements and the specifics of a construction project. The basis for us is the quality of organizational processes, construction work, commitment and responsibility to the client, and also to the project itself.

We emphasize professionalism and reliability, because our good name and your trust are our priority. Our company performs the construction of a wide range of houses and apartment buildings at unbeatable prices.

Another important activity for our company is professional and comprehensive consulting regarding real estate, from arranging the sale, rental and purchase of real estate to the construction of modern houses and apartment buildings. We provide all the necessary documents related to the sale or purchase of real estate and all legal (contractual) documentation necessary to carry out a particular business case.

We emphasize professionalism and reliability,
because our reputation and your trust
are our priority.

Ivan Slíž - company director

Ismont - O nas


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    We build, we construct, we create. The quality of organizational processes and construction work, commitment and responsibility are our priority.

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    We are visionaries and can identify an opportunity for development, growth and success. We invest in projects and are part of new visions and changes.

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    We have been involved in construction since our company was founded and in more than 11 years, we have created many interesting projects and gained a lot of experience.

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    Landlord of business premises

    We let non-residential and commercial premises. We build new buildings and entire neighbourhoods offering multifunctional spaces for rent.

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    Real estate agency

    We provide comprehensive real estate consultancy. We will provide all the necessary documents and simplify the entire process of obtaining your new housing.

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    Property a facility management

    We provide services for the management of residential and non-residential premises. Our priority is to offer comprehensive management and trouble-free building operation.

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    Energy company

    We are an alternative provider in electricity, gas and thermal energy. We emphasize the construction of low-energy buildings.

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    Internet connection provider

    We are a provider of internet connections and telecommunication services for all our new buildings and projects.

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    We are engaged in charitable projects. Through our foundation, we search for new ways to help and improve the lives of those who need it most.


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